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Legend tells us that massive creatures roamed our planet long before man ever appeared.  What happened to them, no one seems to know.  There is evidence all around us that they once owned our planet, yet most of us choose to ignore it.  

There is a hidden path to reach, and re-awaken, these demons and an unlucky few have discovered it.

Five-Hundred years ago, two Native American brothers came upon one of these demons, The Wind Walker, and all hell broke loose.  Powerful Shamans came to the rescue and battled these demons, putting them to rest, at least for a time.  

Many years later, an author stumbled upon the legend of these two brothers and the Wind Walker.  Unfortunately for him and all of his descendants, he tied his families' bloodline to it for all time.

The Wind Walker is the tale of that author and his son as they become a part of the intricate blood-line that has now forever been tied to these beasts.

Eventually there will be a battle of good and evil, unlike anything the world has ever seen before.  The outcome of that battle could determine the fate of the world! 

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